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Chip Kelly Unveils 'Personalized Smoothie Menu' for the Ravens

The Eagles were kind enough to host the Ravens, but Chip is taking it up a notch with his famous 'customized smoothies'.

Geoff Mosher

As we covered earlier, the Ravens are heading up to Philadelphia for some joint practices with the Eagles this week. While it was very kind of the Eagles to host the team, Head Coach Chip Kelly is taking it up a notch with some 'Pennsylvania hospitality'.

Kelly, who is known for his customized smoothies that are tailored to each and every players' needs, has whipped up a menu for the visiting Ravens. After many sleepless nights of tossing and turning, and watching and reading about the visitors, Chip is proud to reveal his gift to the Ravens, their own personalized smoothie menu. Here are just a few of the delicacies that Chip has crafted.

Chef Chip's Ravens Smoothies

QB, Joe Flacco: Vanilla

Explanation: the smoothie for 'Joe Cool', who has that 'vanilla' personality.

RB, Justin Forsett: Mint Chocolate Chip

Explanation: Forsett has had a 'chip' on his shoulder, going from journeyman back to a Top-10 starter. The mint, which is green, represents all of the dollars from his new contract.

WR, Steve Smith: Iced Espresso

Explanation: 'Ice Up, Son' is Steve's signature phrase, hence the iced smoothie. The espresso gives the smoothie that 'punch', something that Smith has thrown a few times on (and off) the field.

LB, Terrell Suggs: Jalapeño Chocolate

Explanation: Suggs has that 'fiery' personality.

K, Justin Tucker: Banana

Explanation: This smoothie is a timeless classic, it's always 'good'. Just like Justin's kicks.

Chip's gift to the Ravens is certainly a very 'sweet' one, and the team is very appreciative of how much thought Coach Kelly put into his smoothies.