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Matt Schaub suprises Ravens fans everywhere

Well, add Raiders and Texans fans to the list of people surprised...

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprising turn of events, former Pro Bowler and current journeyman quarterback Matt Schaub looked the part of a high-level NFL backup. Schaub ran the offense well, limited his mistakes, and actually made some nice throws including a beaut to Michael Campanaro. He led 3 straight scoring drives after taking over for starter Joe Flacco, and played 40 snaps, of which 21 were passes. He showed better than expected arm strength for much of the game, although the interception he threw lacked zip.

The bottom line is, it would seem that the pundits, including myself with the recent Bryn Renner for backup QB article may have been a bit premature. Schaub might well earn that $2 million this season, hopefully while holding that clipboard. His job is to give the Ravens and its fans peace of mind in the event of a small injury during the season, and showing that he can keep the offense moving down the field is step one. This is a run first offense either way, but I think Schaub showed he is perfectly capable of pulling off the 'Dilfer' role with this talented roster, should the need arise. So while we are wishing and praying he is not needed, at least Schaub is taking the time to alleviate our concerns by bringing his A-game.