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Highlights of the 'Bryn Renner Bowl'

You can't spell 'greatest of all-time' without Bryn Renner.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The first game of the Ravens season was last night, and of course people are excited about football. The hype is very real, and everything and everyone is under a microscope.





- Redditor /u/about_60_Hobos

Even we here at the Beatdown are pretty pumped, and the dozen or so articles we've ran about this meaningless game serve as evidence.

The game was filled with some memorable plays from both sides of the ball, players of all backgrounds and skill levels contributed. But if you're like me, you didn't watch the game live, because sometimes life gets in the way.

You're here for the highlights, and we have them.

Maxx Williams 'Stiff Arm Heard 'Round the World'

This clutch play from the rookie extended the game-ending drive for the Ravens. While a fantastic play, credit must be given to #62, who is listed as rookie guard Kaleb Johnson of Rutgers University for the hustle on the play.

'The Second Coming of Schaub'

This 45-yard strike to Michael Campanaro was impressive, and was placed perfectly. Although it's clear that Schaub's arm isn't what was before.

The 'Elite Dragon's' Awakening

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Whoa. He's awoken from his Summer hibernation. Flacco demonstrated excellent mobility and awareness, something most don't give him credit for.

Arthur Brown Actually Did Something

I told you guys this would happen. As soon as Arthur actually got on the field, he could be decent. You can't be a good football player from the bench. Stand-up tackle here from Brown.

The Greatest Play of All-Time

Shortly after this play, the ball was airlifted direct to Canton, to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame. I really don't see how Renner isn't the starting QB already.

The first preseason game was very eventful, and there was progress to be seen all around. We got a good look at the scheme Trestman will employ, (which seems very Kubiak-like) we saw some key plays from the new rookies, and most importantly, witnessed the greatest quarterbacking display ever by Bryn Renner. What a game indeed.

Your gif/video connoisseur will be back next week with all of the highlights from Week 2's game at the Eagles.