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2015 Ravens Preseason: Analyzing the Offense's first drive

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens first drive was a thing of beauty. Driving 80-yards for the touchdown, utilizing both the ground and the air in their attack, we saw what the Ravens have in store this season.

1st and 10

Pass to Kyle Juszczyk - Gain of 7 yards

On this play, the Ravens come out in a 'I formation' with Juszczyk as the lead blocker for running back Justin Forsett. Play action draws the Saints defensive line crushing in, releasing the fullback to the outside. Kenny Vacarro misses containment thinking that it is a running play coming his side and allows Juszczyk to get separation for an easy completion that he can turn up the field for a good gain. Great first call by new offensive coordinator Marc Trestman.

2nd and 3

Run with Justin Forsett - Gain of 1 yard

Out of the 'I formation' again, the defense is again expecting the run first. Crockett Gillmore misses Cam Jordan on the outside, who is able to run in unblocked for the run stuff. On the right side Kyle Juszczyk misses the outside player who keeps Forsett from bouncing it more outside towards open field.

3rd and 2

Pass to Steve Smith Sr. - Gain of 3 yards

Shotgun with two receivers to the right, one on the left and Justin Forsett next to Flacco. Motion the tight end Crockett Gillmore from the right side to the left side. Steve Smith runs the crossing pattern and is Flacco's first look. Only needing two yards, Smith runs the route for three, getting the first down and keeping the drive alive.

1st and 10

Run with Justin Forsett - Gain of 2 yards

Singleback formation with Justin Forsett as the lone back behind Flacco under center. Handoff to the left side, running behind Crockett Gillmore and Maxx Williams. Williams is able to shove his guy out of the way, much like you see with a tackle guiding the player down the field, while Gillmore gets stood up and stumbles allowing Stephone Anthony to make the eventual tackle on Forsett.

2nd and 8

Pass to Crockett Gillmore - Gain of 8 yards

'I formation' yet again as both Kyle Juszczyk and Lorenzo Taliaferro immediately break to the right. The pass goes over the middle of the field to Crockett Gillmore. Gillmore has found a pocket in the zone coverage for the first down. Had the pass gone to Taliaferro, he had a lead blocker and only a corner on the outside to beat to the first down, would have likely gone longer.

1st and 10

Pass to Lorenzo Taliagerro - Gain of 9 yards

Singleback formation for the Ravens with two tight ends on the left side and two wide receivers on the right side. Play action with a four man rush as Taliaferro comes through the line clean with plenty of room to go. Maxx Williams chip blocked and came out for a pass ahead of Taliaferro, leaving him as a possible blocker on the inside. Taliaferro catches the ball on the right side of the field, squares his hips and turns upfield to charge through the defender and gets bumped out of bounds.

2nd and 1

Run with Lorenzo Taliaferro - Gain of 5 yards

'I formation' with lead blocker Juszczyk. Steve Smith in motion to the right side with Kamar Aiken also on the right side. Crockett Gillmore in to block on the left side. Handoff up the middle with Taliaferro churning his feet to push the pile forward. Guard Kelechi Osemele and left tackle Eugene Monroe were out in front, leading the way for Taliaferro.

1st and 10

Run with Javorious Allen - Gain of 3 yards

Singleback formation with fullback Kyle Juszczyk as a tight end along with Crockett Gillmore. One receiver on each side. Run to the right side. Eugene Monroe cut blocks a defender, leaving Cam Jordan available to make the tackle.

2nd and 7

Incomplete pass

Offset I formation. Play action as Flacco rolls out to his right. The clear option is the the fullback Kyle Juszczyk, but he is covered. Flacco holds onto it as Ricky Wagner has to let his pass rusher go. Pressure gets to Flacco 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage and he smartly throws it away to come back on third down.

3rd and 7

Run by Joe Flacco - Gain of 17

Shotgun formation with Lorenzo Taliaferro to the right of Flacco. Three wide receivers and a single tight end up. Flacco takes the snap and faces immediate pressure off the right side as Cameron Jordan swim moves Ricky Wagner with ease. Flacco runs to his left to evade pressure with an open field ahead of him. Stephone Anthony chooses the wrong angle on Flacco allowing him to gallop to a huge 17 yard gain and a first down.

1st and 10

Run with Lorenzo Taliaferro - Gain of 5

Singleback formation. Taliaferro takes the handoff and heads right behind guard Marshal Yanda. He showed patience to follow the hole in front of him for an easy 5 yards.

2nd and 5

Run with Lorenzo Taliaferro - Gain of 5

Singleback again, but 4 wide receivers on the line. Taliaferro follows left tackle Eugene Monroe, who sealed off the edge perfectly allowing him to run straight on the inside of him for another easy 5 yard run.

1st and goal from the 10 yard line

Run with Lorenzo Taliaferro - Gain of 3

Split I formation with the fullback pointing to the strong side. Taliaferro runs it behind guard Kelechi Osemele before hesitating looking for another opening as the defenders crash down, stopping him for a 3 yard gain.

2nd and goal from the 7 yard line

Pass to Kyle Juszczyk - Gain of 6 yards

I formation, play action pass as fullback Kyle Juszczyk leads the way. The play action freezes the middle linebacker and outside linebacker enough to open a clear passing lane to Juice as he lowers the shoulder down to the 1 yard line.

3rd and goal from the 1 yard line

Run with Lorenzo Taliaferro - No gain

I formation, looking to power it in. Lorenzo Taliaferro runs to the left side behind Eugene Monroe and Nick Boyle. The Saints had too many people at the line allowing Danelle Ellerbe to square up on Taliaferro and make the touchdown saving tackle.

4th and goal from the 1 yard line

Run with Lorenzo Taliaferro - Touchdown!

The Ravens line up in the same formation at the goal line. This time they run it right up the middle, with Kyle Juszczyk, Ricky Wagner, and Marshall Yanda all making the push to get Taliaferro into the endzone for the touchdown!

The Ravens were able to march 80 yards down the field on the opening drive and score a touchdown, but even more impressive is that they were able to take the clock down to 6:52 in the first quarter, burning up just over 8 minutes on that drive alone. The offensive line was dominant at most points and the Ravens showed a desire to utilize short passes to keep the chains moving and set up smash mouth football.

If the Ravens can keep up this momentum throughout the preseason, they will be a force to reckon with in the first regular season game against the Denver Broncos.