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2015 Ravens Pre-season game 1 injuries

Cornerback leaves with knee injury

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

After taking a hard block on the Brandin Cooks screen pass Asa Jackson went to the turf and took a few moments to walk off slowly. He was blocked by the equivalent of a Mack Truck as the offensive lineman was moving full force to Jackson. The end result is a slight twist as he attempted to shed the block and tripped up. The video can be found HERE. You can see him at the nickel corner position getting blocked. Jackson is #27.

Notably Asa was at the time taking the snaps as the Kick & Punt return specialist and also second string cornerback snaps. Could be an actual loss for the Ravens, but Campanaro did look fine in the backfield.

Also worth mentioning Carl Davis going down on the field but good news is only cramping for the big man. He had the concern when drafting about conditioning, but the longer the season and practices go he'll be fine. Good to know the rook won't be out for any serious reasons.

Allen Reisner also down and out for the season as he broke his ankle. Battling (and losing) for the TE3 spot against Nick Boyle a terrible blessing in disguise as he will most likely be receiving an injury settlement instead of being out right cut.

Very happy to not report anything terribly serious besides the injury to Reisner, I hope these lists are smaller next week through the rest of the season folks.