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These anagrams reveal exactly how the Ravens 2015 season will unfold

Behold the power of rearranged letters.

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

When determining exactly how successful the Baltimore Ravens 2015 season will turn out, most people use "tangible" evidence of player performance to make "informed decisions." Well not me. I prefer anagrams. You can tell a lot about a player based on the silly phrases created by rearranging the letters in their name.

Justin Forsett - "Jettisons Turf"
Nobody leaves the turf in the dust quite like Justin Forsett. Expect that trend to continue this season.

Marshal Yanda - "Damn Salary. Ha"
Looks like Yanda will have another outstanding season. This will undoubtedly lead to him scoring big money in free agency and Ravens fans shaking their heads at the enormous contract offer he'll get from the Cleveland Browns.

Dennis Pitta - "Pained Stint"
So much IR for Dennis. Poor guy.

Matt Schaub - "Sac That Bum"
Sure, it's not the right version of the word "sack," but it's pretty clear to tell what Matt's contribution will be to the Ravens this year.

[Editor's Note] There were actually quite a few really good ones involving Matt Schaub being a bum. I highly recommend you play around with it. Close runner up was "Cat Shat Bum"

Rashaan Melvin - "Ravens Hail Man"
Interestingly enough, Rashaan was both types of hail man last year. He was hailed as the savior of our secondary during the regular season, and he was hail mary-ed on in the playoffs. It's unclear which "hail" the anagram is referring to... but what the hell. RASHAAN MVP, BABY!

Feel free to play around with these and leave any informative / hilarious / bizarre anagrams in the comments.

You can find the anagram generator right here: