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2015 Ravens preseason: Ravens win 30 - 27 over Saints

Baltimore wins 27-30 toppling Saints

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports


My oh my folks I don't know if my blood pressure is going to take 3 more pre-season games if they end with a Bryn Renner walk-off touchdown! So much excitement and thrill over this game it sure as hell didn't feel like a pre-season game.


Lorenzo Taliaferro rush for a 1 yard TOUCHDOWN!

Seamless drive by the starting unit. Pure Baltimore bliss as Joe Flacco & Company waltz down the turf scoring the first touchdown for Baltimore. Love Lorenzo so far in this game. Great effort there.

Matt Schaub pass to Michael Campanaro for a 45 yard TOUCHDOWN!

Pro-Bowl Schaub slaying the passing attack as "Scampanaro" trots in the touchdown. Smooth looks by Schaub that drive. No fault on his side as the only incompletions were penalties or drops.

Justin Tucker 42 yard Field Goal

Was there ever any doubt?

Luke McCown pass to Brandin Cooks for a 28 yard TOUCHDOWN!

Great speed there by Cooks, blockers transitioned in front of him effortlessly, and Cooks turned on the jets to fly past any pursuing defenders. Great play, especially by New Orleans and being known for great screen plays.

Justin Tucker 25 yard Field Goal

He's a human cheat code available for 60 yard 3 pointers.

Ryan Griffin pass to Khiry Robinson for a 21 yard TOUCHDOWN

Albert McClellan gets beat and Khiry wouldn't be denied. Levine over-pursued and Robinson finished. Coverage was very lacking by the second and third unit for Baltimore.

Zach Hocker 47 yard field goal

Unlike Tucker, this is a deep kick for the Saints and the kicking battle currently going on in New Orleans. Missing the 50 yarder earlier was not helpful for Hocker. Luckily redeeming himself with this score.

Zach Hocker 50 yard field goal

Truly another kick to secure that spot for himself on the roster.

Justin Tucker 51 yard field goal

"Anything you can do, I can do better..."

Marcus Murphy rush for a 3 yard TOUCHDOWN!

Bad angle taken by Arthur Brown and nobody sealing the edge as the pitch toss right was a gallop for Murphy. Need to see better angles being taken by the corners and linebackers if the defensive line can't contain the pass.

Bryn Renner rush for a 1 yard WALK-OFF TOUCHDOWN!

"He's gonna run it in!!!" A masterful touchdown by the 3rd string QB to seal the Saints fate with a loss, and a personal heroic feat in the books. You want to be the second string Schaub? Well it isn't going to be handed to you now.

Play of the Game

While Bryn and his play made the game a victory, all would have been lost if not for the 4th & 20 Madd Maxx Williams hurdle and earth quake pile drive on an opposing Saint. PLAYMAKER. EARTHSHAKER.