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Saints vs. Ravens preseason 2015: Predict the score!

Final score for the Ravens- Saints game

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With the total score under/over at 38 for the very first week of pre-season it's hard to not become amped up with the thoughts of touchdowns galore. Truthfully though, this is the Baltimore Ravens with Matt Schaub at the helm. It won't be a shootout, at least not in my mind. With basic formations, plays, and looks for the Ravens this game won't amount to much. If you took a gander at the Vikings - Steelers game there was hardly anything worth noting. Many draw plays and screen passes mixed with basic routes and blocking patterns. There was only one notable blitz I can recall and it became a punting competition.

This game tonight will be a focal point on wide receiver depth and watching Matt Schaub vs. Bryn Renner quarterback battle. All meaning the point totals will be very low 'lest the Saints secondary allows MATT SCHAUB to dump 21+ points on their depth players.

The Ravens depth, at least on defense won't be allowing much from my current cities own Garrett Grayson (out of CSU in Fort Collins). I don't see Grayson or McCown dropping any bombshells against this Ravens depth. This will be a slow, monotonous, football game. But at this point I would watch 2AA 7 man football. Get ready folks, the pre-season is here!