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2015 Ravens Training Camp: Ravens-Saints preseason game 1 odds

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

For the first preseason game, our buddies over at Sports Book Review took a look at the odds for every preseason game this week. With the Ravens and Saints, they did an over/under on the number of points to be scored tonight. With 38 being the line set, they give a good reason for why the number is high, but not incredibly high.

Drew Brees and the Saints O-line can play at a fast clip and light up a scoreboard on a good day. Given that this is a preseason game Drew Brees and the regulars are unlikely to play long enough to put up astronomical numbers. On the flipside, the Joe Flacco and his solid go-to weapons are sure to see limited play. But the Ravens defense might get a lot of play time. All this put together tips the scale towards the UNDER 38 on our NFL picks.

They definitely seem to be forgetting that the Ravens have been able to hang up more than enough points on opponents this past season. With the addition of players like Maxx Williams and Breshad Perriman, the Ravens could have one of the top offenses in the league.

However, it is true that most of the starters will be sitting out a majority of this game, if not the whole thing. So it makes sense that both teams might struggle to put up points. If the final score totalled is over 38 points, a large portion of it is going to be due to either the excellence of the Ravens' backup quarterbacks (Matt Schaub and Bryn Renner) or the collapse of the second and third string defense for the Ravens. Hopefully it is the former and Ravens' fans can get a few bucks in their pocket after watching an offense ready to explode onto the scene.