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2015 Ravens Training Camp: 5 Players to watch in the first preseason game

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have a few players that have either looked phenomenal or have been disappointments to date. While watching the first preseason game, here are some of the guys you should keep a special lookout for and the reason why.

21 - CB - Lardarius Webb

Everyone knows that Webb failed his conditioning test, but to make matters worse, he pulled a hammy during training camp. For a guy set to make a lot of money this season, Webb needs to begin showing why he is worth it. During Webb's absence from the failed conditioning test, Rashaan Melvin took his spot over and did quite well, so look for Webb to either hold off Melvin for another season or give the Ravens enough reason to put Lardarius Webb as a slot cover guy instead.

59 - LB - Arthur Brown

Yet another offseason and preseason has come where we need to talk about Arthur Brown. A physical talent for sure, but has lacked the football knowledge to see meaningful snaps on either defense or special teams. Brown is a player that will be on the bubble this offseason and if cannot string together a few good games, he might be on the outside looking in as younger players with more potential will be pushing for his roster spot. Look for Brown to make sure tackles and be around the ball. If he's not doing both, then he's not doing his job.

8 - QB - Matt Schaub

We've written more than enough here at Baltimore Beatdown to give readers and fans a picture of Matt Schaub the quarterback. He has been an interception machine during training camp and has been off on most of his throws. The counterpoint to quarterback Joe Flacco, Schaub might even have to fend off Bryn Renner for the backup job if he continues to struggle and Renner looks outstanding. Schaub has come out and said that training camp is where he "experiments with things" in order to explain his poor showing. So look for Schaub to be crisp on his passes and stay interception free. If he throws more than a single interception tonight, and Renner looks good, Renner might get the snaps next week over Schaub to see what the Ravens have there.

80 - TE - Crockett Gillmore

Everyone will be watching for Maxx Williams tonight, which is fair. However, the starting tight end and the one that has looked the best so far has been Crockett Gillmore, hands down. Let's see if Gillmore can transition from a rookie into a weapon by finding holes in the zone coverage and beating out linebackers/safeties for the ball. If Gillmore can grab a few catches and looks good in the zone blocking scheme, he should be able to hold onto the top tight end spot until Williams is a little more developed.

64 - C - John Urschel

Nothing against current starter Jeremy Zuttah by any means, but the Ravens have looked like they might be training Urschel to take over at some point for Zuttah. With a rookie contract compared to Zuttah's $2.1 million in savings next season if cut, if Urschel can hold his own this preseason, he might just be able to unseat Zuttah for the starting spot by next season, saving the Ravens a nice chunk of change and becoming the smartest center the Ravens have ever had.

There are a ton more options here and as the preseason begins to roll forward, we'll get a better glimpse of who we should be watching and who might be either a lock or lost cause. Are there any other players you are excited to see tonight?