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Timmy Jernigan has "had the best camp out of anyone"

Timmy Jernigan garnering attention

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

"Timmy Jernigan is playing out of his mind" speaks Mike Preston with Baltimore's 105.7, "He's had the best camp out of anyone. I mean he's giving Marshal Yanda problems. I think he's going to be a very, very good player"

After listening to Mike's interview I immediately came to Matthew Stevens, our own manager here at Baltimore Beatdown with a few questions to see if there is any validity. Matt is in complete agreeance and even saying, "When they do run towards Jernigan's side of the field, if there is any gain on the play it's two-yards maximum. Timmy has pushed Yanda into the backfield more than once."

Timmy is breaking through, and getting to the ball-carrier quickly and consistently. While everybody was too focused on Haloti and his trade to the Detroit Lions, clearly Jernigan was focused on making his own name and playing like a Raven.

Timmy Jernigan is already somewhat of a pass rush specialist. Please do keep in mind this was his rookie season, but Jernigan racked up 5 sacks and 13 QB hurries on 409 snaps. Haloti Ngata accumulated only 2 sacks and 14 hurries on 607 snaps. Jernigan on 200 less snaps is racking in better numbers. Another stat to pad for Timmy is his run stop percentage of 10.1% being 6th best in the league.

Jernigan isn't a replacement folks. He is the upgrade. At 22 years of age expect this young individual to become a wrecking ball on the D-line with rotation from Carl Davis, Chris Canty and Brandon Williams. With Ngata absent we will now be seeing Jernigan on the playing field frequently, and announcers calling his name much more often.