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Wide receiver Steve Smith talks about his retirement

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. announcing his retirement the other day, the feisty Raven is beginning to do his farewell tour by talking to various talk shows, starting with Rich Eisen. While Smith obviously couldnt be at the show personally because of training camp happening, he did call into the show to answer some burning questions that Rich Eisen had.

Beginning with his thoughts on the words "congratulations" possibly being a word that gets players riled up.

Um, I don't know, I guess I'll take it. It's better than screw you, so I'll take that.

Then Rich asked why Steve decided to announce it now, at the beginning of the season when training camp is in full bloom. Senior's answer fits him pretty perfectly.

I just feel like 'why not'. There are going to be people that have their opinions, and the opinions are like 'the other end of you and everyone has one.' It's been a lot of thinking and coming up with a decision and after the decision is kinda just letting it go, kinda just saying it and letting it go... I'm retiring because I want to.

Senior has always been a player to just let it fly and get things off his chest, so announcing when he felt right is just the perfect thing.

Eisen looked towards Senior's past location, the Carolina Panthers. With the big brawl involving Cam Newton and with Senior looking to retire with the Panthers. Smith had obviously thought the question was coming and answered like you'd expect about being a Raven right now and looking to think about it later. Steve Smith is obviously all about Baltimore and riding off into the sunset the way that he wants to.

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