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Lardarius Webb left Monday practice with hamstring pain

Please spell "injury prone."

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

How do you spell injury prone? L-A-R-D-A-R-should I finish?

Cornerback Lardarius Webb was pulled out of practice after visible signs of hamstring issues. Coach John Harbaugh said after practice, "Webby had a little grab in his hamstring, so we pulled him out."

Back injuries last year. Sustaining knee injuries guarding physical wide receivers. Somebody please refill my empty confidence-in-Webb tank this afternoon.

The projected starter opposite Jimmy Smith, was covering rookie wide out Darren Waller during a full-team drill when he staggered in coverage.

Webb did not return to the field after the play Waller beat the corner and basketed Flacco's slightly underthrown pass. On "Webby's" walk back to the locker room, he joked with former Ravens cornerback Chris Carr standing near the door. Evidently, hamstring injuries are joke generators.

The man who missed the first day of training camp after failing the conditioning test needs to stop taking things too lightly. As a veteran he should lead by example, personally I don't want guys such as Rashaan Melvin or Asa Jackson to follow Webb's footsteps. Please return to the 2011 version -- 5 interceptions, 67 tackles, 16 games -- of Lardarius Webb soon. Safe travels.