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Baltimore Needs Ray Lewis Back... For His Dancing Skills

One of the greatest linebackers ever, Ray was also a great dancer.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Any Ravens fan should know that Ray Lewis' 'Squirrel Dance' was a staple of Baltimore football for years. It just wasn't gameday in Baltimore without that signature dance.

While Ray is one of the greatest linebackers of all time, his dance moves were some of the best in the league too.

Unfortunately, Ray's sweet moves didn't exactly rub off on some of his teammates. As evidenced by this video, captured by defensive lineman Chris Canty after Saturday's practice.

Yikes. While defensive lineman Brandon Williams had a little routine and some coordination going, Terrell Suggs looked like the equivalent of a teenage girl at a 'One Direction concert. Meanwhile, I sympathize with Lawrence Guy in the background, as that's a pretty accurate impression of how I think I dance.

While these guys don't exactly have the best dance moves ever, they make up for it with vocal talent.