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It's Time To Convert Your Friends Into Ravens Fans

Rejoice, brothers and sisters; the time is now.

Taylor Weidman/Getty Images

"Taste and see that the TEAM is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in it" - Harbs 34:8

Disciples of the Baltimore Ravens, we have basked in the glory of true football. We have witnessed greatness. We have been to the top of the mountain. Yet, there are still so many less fortunate souls who have not seen the light. They are trapped in a cycle of poor performance, management - or worse - no specific geographic allegiance whatsoever.

It is our duty to spread the gospel of Baltimore Ravens football. Take it upon yourselves to enlighten those who are without team or purpose.

I have provided a pamphlet that shall make it easier to communicate the benefits of our community to those who are in need.

May the football Gods grant you good fortune on your journey.