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Baltimore Beatdown reactions to Sam Koch's extension

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Koch is staying a Raven for at least a few more years. After signing a 5-year extension worth $16.25 million in new money, $7.3 million guaranteed, and a $4 million signing bonus, it makes Koch one of the top paid punters in the league.

While there was some rough talk earlier this offseason of Koch possibly being a cap casualty either this offseason or next, the Ravens clearly wanted to keep Koch in town both as a punter and as Justin Tucker's holder on kicks. With the news breaking today, we check in with some of the writers for their reactions following the deal.

Matthew Stevens:

Solid deal for both the Ravens and for Sam Koch. The Ravens wanted to free up a little bit of cap space and they wanted to secure Koch long term and this does both. Koch gets to stay in the only home he's known as a pro and Tucker gets to keep his friend and holder. I think the Ravens were testing out Manton this offseason to see how he would do as a punter and as Tucker's holder just in case, but clearly the best move for everyone was to sign Koch long-term.

Yitzi Weiss:

Happy! Phenomenal player, last year might have been his best yr yet. Fav punter ever, should have made the pro bowl last yr. Wolfpack 4eva!

Chuck Mills:

Good signing. Keeps a valuable special teams player on the squad. Koch is a skilled directional punter and is among the best in terms of pinning opponents deep.

Kyle Barber:

Great news. Dude has been a key ingredient to Tucker's success, and after his down year in 2013 he can back to great form. Pro bowl snub. Good signing.

Nathan Beaucage:

Well. It's okay, I guess. I'm just a little skeptical. This seems like a very un 'Raven-like' deal. We're forking out a lot for a punter. I get that he's been a life-long Raven, part of our ' Wolfpack', and he has quietly been one of the best in the league at what he does. But still, this salary means he's the third highest paid punter in the league, and has the second most guaranteed money for punters. Punters are people too, but this seems like too much money. Sorry Sam. I also am weary that the Clippers may take him back, it's only a verbal agreement after all.

Daniel Park:

Yes sir, punters are people, too. Koch turns 33 next month, guess the Ravens' brass blessed him with an early birthday present.