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Haloti Ngata compliments Lions defense: Never been a part of a defense like this

The best troll of the NFL offseason are words from a former Baltimore Raven about his new football home.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The nose in "nose tackle" elongated today for former Ravens Haloti Ngata, after spouting a white fib that would have made Pinocchio proud.

To think he's part of something really special in Detroit is one thing, to come out and actually say the words could break the [NFL] internet.

Ngata told the Detroit Free Press fellow Lions defensive linemen Jason Jones, Ziggy Ansah, Caraun Reid and Darryl Tapp is the best defense he's been part of in his entire career.

"It’s exciting, man. I’ve never been a part of a defense like this. You have so many athletes: J.J., Ziggy, Caraun, Darryl Tapp. You just have so many playmakers all over the front on the D-line. I’m just excited to be a part of it."

Ngata chance.

"I’ve been down in Baltimore a long time and changing to this type of defense, it’s just exciting. I’m excited to do it and I’m excited to be here. Just can’t wait to put the pads on to see how it really feels."

While Ngata is joining one of the better defenses in the league from 2014, that could all change this upcoming season due to the Lions' best player, Ndamukong Suh, taking his talents to South Beach. While the Ravens will dearly miss their defensive linemen, this statement is a low blow to Dean Pees.

Ravens defensive rankings since the first rounder was drafted in 2006:

2014: 4th versus the run.
2013: 11th vs. run.
2012: 17th overall
2011: 2nd vs. run, 3rd overall. 
2010: 5th vs. run. 
2009: 3rd overall. 
2008: 2nd overall. 
2007: 6th overall. 
2006: 1st overall.

Somewhere Ziggy Ansah will stumble upon this article while surfing the internet and say, "Thanks Ngata for the encouragement. If only you told the truth."

Something like that.