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Best Super Bowl performance from a Raven

A particular Raven needs mentioning for his accomplishments in the tomes of Super Bowl history

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

It's tough to sift through all Super Bowl history to find players that really deserve mention. The great quarterbacks and high numbers in passing, yards, and touchdowns mainly receive their claim to fame. But here I have a great flash-back of an all-time prolific performance in NFL Super Bowl history. As you all have guessed, the performance put on by Jacoby Jones.

It's 3rd & 10 for the Ravens on their 46 yard line. Flacco scrambles and heaves a missile of a pass that rain-drops into a falling Jacoby Jones on the 10 yard line. He outran a Flacco-bomb, which is the closest thing to shocking in my mind. Not only does he get up, but out-smarts two defenders with quick feet and side-steps, while fast enough to finish the touchdown as a third & fourth defender fly from behind chasing their way to help.

Second half kick-off, the 49ers belt the deep kick 2 yards from the opposite side of the field. Jacoby doesn't care he's taking it out, After 8 yards he finally sees hashmarks glimpsing by his feet. After 28 yards from the initial catch he passes the touchback 20 yard line, and his second defender who he cut left quickly by, and then cuts back right, evading the sea of jerseys on his way to a record 108 yard kick return in the Super-Bowl. Two plays, and some of the biggest in Raven history in one game all owned by #12., His staggering statline reads 164 yards and 2 TD's.

Jacoby Jones finished off that game 3 yards shy of a 300 All-purpose yard burger. Jacoby averaged through 5 kickoffs 41.2 yards, and even added another 28 through punt returns. I believe if the lights didn't cut out right before the punt to Jones he could have scored again, sealing the 49ers fate expeditiously. But we don't know that, and I'll leave my conspiracy hat on my desk where it belongs.

Jacoby will most likely be known and remembered as an average wide receiver with bad routes, and hands. His playmaking ability though, undeniable. In one playoff run Jacoby Jones had three of the most memorable and cherished plays in Baltimore Raven history. From the Mile High Miracle, to the double dance towards the endzone, and his kick return of infamy. While Jones now wears the lightning bolts for San Diego, Jacoby deserves to never be forgotten in Baltimore.