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Jason Pierre-Paul Played With Fire, and Got Burnt

This was an injury straight out of 'The Onion'.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like he forced their hand.

Perhaps the Giants feel he won't be as explosive anymore?

This really blew up in his face.

These puns all needed to be said, I'm sorry readers (and JPP). But be thankful that I stopped before they got out of hand.

As I'm sure you've heard by now, New York Giants defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul seriously injured his hand and fingers Saturday night, during Fourth of July festivities. The injury happened while he was trying to light fireworks and he was treated at a hospital, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network said. This is truly unfortunate. At this time, details are murky on the extent of the injury, with reports ranging from "he could lose his hand" to "he'll be fine". As of now, I'd trust Adam Schefter, who tweeted "JPP has burns on palm, 3 fingers. 1 finger could have nerve damage. Didn't lose any fingers, team thinks he'll be OK, per @DanGrazianoESPN." This is surely great news for fans everywhere, as Pierre-Paul is a dynamic young player who is one of the best pass rushers around. It'd be a league-wide loss if this injury were career-threatening.

Here's an image of what appears to be Jason's fireworks.

However, the biggest development in the story came this afternoon, when the Giants announced they were rescinding their $60M long-term offer to him. It is speculated that the team did this either because they are concerned about his future with his now-injured hand, or to gain leverage on Jason, as they could potentially resign him for cheaper now.

All signs point to 'JPP' playing on a franchise tag this season, which will make him $14.8 million richer. It should be noted that he hasn't signed the tender yet.

Football aside, this incident is a testament to fire and pyrotechnic safety. Fireworks are no joke. Jason is lucky to still have a hand, and a career. Here's to a safe and swift recovery for Jason, perhaps this incident will help prevent future ones.