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Lardarius Webb passes conditioning test, will practice

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

According to Aaron Wilson's sources, Ravens' cornerback Lardarius Webb has passed his conditioning test and will be present during practice.

After being replaced yesterday by Rashaan Melvin, Webb will get a chance to practice and reclaim his throne.

Head coach John Harbaugh made mention of Webb's failed conditioning test after practice, noting that Webb would be on the non-football injury list until he was able to pass the test and get onto the field.

[Lardarius] Webb didn’t pass his conditioning test, so he’s PUP [Physically Unable to Perform list] until he does.

When asked how Webb took the test failure, Harbaugh said that "He took it hard on himself. He’s disappointed he didn’t make it, just like you’d expect. I know he’s very determined to get through it." Of course, Ravens' fans will remember other former Ravens not passing their conditioning test in years past. Haloti Ngata and Jacoby Jones over the last few seasons were the notable names.

While I would personally say that it isnt the worst news in the world since we know that Webb is in decent shape from his time during OTAs, Harbaugh did stress that it was a big deal and that each day Webb was out, he would get further behind.

Well, it’s always a big deal. It was a big deal when Jacoby [Jones] didn’t pass it. It was a big deal when Haloti [Ngata] didn’t pass it. It’s always a big deal. You want to see guys pass it. The conditioning test measures anaerobic conditioning. It measures the ability to recover, get your heart rate way up and recover. ‘Webby’ [Webb] is in really good shape in a lot of different ways – I can see it in the way he moves in the weight room  – but he’s not in anaerobic [shape], the kind of anaerobic shape he needs to be in to come out here and practice. The idea being that if I go play after play after play, and I begin to get fatigued, and I can’t move the way I need to move, I’m going to have a fatigue-type of an injury. That’s why we don’t allow guys to … That’s why it’s part of the physical, and that’s why we don’t allow guys to practice until they’re anaerobically in condition. Yes, he’s a little behind that way, certainly, and he’s going to have to make up the ground.

It will be nice to see Webby back out on the field today and seeing what he can do with the Ravens' new big wide receivers. Hopefully he picks up right where he left off last season with renewed effort to be the big man in the secondary again.