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Ravens' wide receiver Breshad Perriman is just fine

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I've seen a lot of reports today and yesterday that Ravens' rookie wide receiver Breshad Perriman had hurt his knee and needed to leave practice early. It appears that the bad feelings stem from Peter King's tweet about the situation.

Knees are tricky because you never know if an injury is serious or not, however, watching Perriman walk off the field myself, I was struggling to find out what was wrong since he looked just fine. Head coach John Harbaugh would back that up shortly after practice with the true report of where Perriman was at and for what issue.

[Breshad] Perriman fell on his knee. It’s not serious; it’s all sound, so he’ll be back as soon as the knee feels a little bit better. It could be as early as tomorrow, or a couple days at the most.

Seriously, it was just fine and I have a feeling that Perriman will be back on the field today. We'll find out shortly, but the news running around the league that Perriman is somehow seriously injured is far overblown and something that no fan should be worried about at this time.

The truly good news is exactly how explosive Perriman was before walking off the field. Making huge catches, including my catch of the day. His speed was in full display all day long as he looks the part of a first round playmaker already.

Now let's get some Ravens' fans!