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Terrell Suggs goes easy on New England Patriots' QB Tom Brady

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Ravens' linebacker Terrell Suggs avoided controversy when he opted to not opine about Brady's suspension and subsequent court battle that will play out this season.

You know what? All I can say is it’s fortunate that’s not a Baltimore Raven problem, and we’re going to let them handle it and answer their questions. We really only focus on Baltimore Raven football and Ravens Nation. So, I don’t really care too much about that.

A much more mature Suggs is apparently in front of us and we missed it. Still sporting off his goofy smile and personality, Suggs has learned to be less vocal and controversial during his time in the league, especially since it has made him the target of headlines in the past. At 32 years old, Suggs might have learned that keeping his mouth shut during these types of questions is best as it doesnt create enemies that the Ravens' can ill afford to have on a deep playoff run.

Suggs even missed the opportunity to really talk about the Ravens' chances, simply saying "We’re going to see. We’re definitely going to see," when asked about it. Terrell was a little more open about what it means to be a Raven, which is something that has been slandered in recent years due to off the field circumstances.

Our Raven decal, our Raven emblem, it means a lot to us on this team. It’s definitely something you have to earn, so definitely, the expectation is high. We definitely [are] expecting good things, and – like I said – we’re expecting to do better than we did last year.

As most of the fans have talked about with regards to Sizzle, the reporters also were interested in his weight. Like previously, Suggs referred to his weight as "fighting weight" and said that "we’re at good fighting weight".

The last time I was here, [we] didn’t have much time to answer that question, but today I’ve got time. You all can kind of shoot from the hip. But yes, I totally feel a lot different from the last time I was up here; I can be totally honest with you. I feel great, and we’re ready to get out here and work at camp.

We’ve shed some. We’ve shed some. A lot, but I’m not quite at the weight [I want]. But we’re at good fighting weight; we’re good at fighting weight. And that’s what we’re here for, camp, and we’ll use this time to shed some more. It’s going to be hot out here, so we’re going to be looking forward to it."

If the Ravens want to have a better pass rush than last season, Suggs is well on his way to getting at his fighting weight and making opposing quarterbacks pay with his tackling rather than his words.