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Ravens Top 20 #2: Glory

Continuing our look at the Ravens top moments.

The Ravens made it to the playoffs in 2000 for the first time in their history. That was the first time a Baltimore had been to the NFL postseason since the 1977 NFL Season. The Ravens also made it to the Super Bowl for the first time in their history, the first time a Baltimore NFL team had been there since the 1970 season. And at the end of the night on January 28, 2001, the Lombardi would return to Baltimore for the first time in 30 years.

The Ravens legendary defense dominated their way to through the playoffs, allowing only one touchdown and three field goals total in games against the Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans, and Oakland Raiders, while Trent Dilfer was his usual game manager self, throwing three touchdowns and one interception total on the way to the Super Bowl.

The defenses dominated the start of the game, as both offenses went three and out on their opening possessions. The Ravens would be the first to get on the board after Trent Dilfer threw a 38 yard pass to Brandon Stokley. The Ravens would go down the field and add to their lead with a Matt Stover field goal.

While the Giants defense was breaking, the Ravens' defense was standing firm. The Giants had made it all the way to the Ravens 29 yard line, but Chris McAlister intercepted a Kerry Collins pass to keep the Giants scoreless at the end of the half. The Ravens defense struck again at the start of the second half, when Kim Herring intercepted Kerry Collins at the Giants 41. Unfortunately the drive stalled and Matt Stover missed from 41 yards out.

Duane Starks would end whatever chance the Giants had at making a comeback when he intercepted a Kerry Collins pass and took it back 49 yards for a touchdown. Ron Dixon would take the kickoff back all the way for a touchdown immediately afterwards, ruining what might have been the first Super Bowl shutout in NFL history. Jermaine Lewis would respond by taking the following kickoff back, hand pointed to the sky in honor of his still-born son.

The Ravens would add ten points off of a touchdown run from Jamal Lewis and a Matt Stover field goal, while the defense held the Giants scoreless for the rest of the game.

Trent Dilfer went 12 of 25 for one touchdown and no interceptions. Jamal Lewis ran for 102 yards and one touchdown and was the second rookie to have 100 yards rushing in the Super Bowl. Jermaine Lewis had 152 all-purpose yards and one touchdown. The Ravens intercepted Kerry Collins four times and he was only able to complete 15 passes for 112 yards.

Every Giants offensive possession ended in a punt or an interception except for the final one. The Ravens are only the second team in NFL history to keep their opponent from scoring an offensive touchdown in the Super Bowl. Ray Lewis was named the MVP of Super Bowl XXXV.

The Baltimore Ravens would go through their fair share of highs and lows during the course of the next seven years, but the Ravens would always have a legacy that would stand the test of time and the city of Baltimore would have a championship again.