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Terrell Suggs Looking Trim Already

There was some concern about the veteran linebacker's weight following Mandatory Camps in June, but not anymore..

Rob Carr/Getty Images

In case anyone was worried, the veteran outside linebacker is showing he is a man of his word and a leader. While he showed up at mini-camps with added girth, admittedly not at his playing weight, Suggs promised that he would be ready when the time came. The results were already visible yesterday as he reported to camp, with Suggs already passing his conditioning test.

This comes as a relief for Ravens fans, as Suggs weight was considered a concern, especially since it has effected other players during the season like fellow OLB Courtney Upshaw during the 2013 season. Suggs still has more weight to drop, but by nature, training camp is a good place to do that with the increased exercise and exertion under the hot sun day after day. At this point there is no worry about his size at all

So I case you were worried whether Suggs was someone who could be relied on to lead by example, here is your answer. Suggs is a leader for this team, and the Ravens can count on him.