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Ravens' rookie linebacker Za'Darius Smith featured in new show "The Agent"

Esquire Network's new show "The Agent" premiers August 11th at 10/9c and will give viewers and inside look at the cutthroat world of high profile NFL agents and their clients, including Sunny Shah, Jeff Guerriero, Peter Schaffer, and Ed Wasielewski.

The Ravens' very own 4th round Draft pick Za'Darius Smith will be featured as one of Jeff Guerriero's client's. Guerriero has repped more than 100 professional football players since 1998 and has negotiated over 130 NFL contracts in the same time period.

The show chronicles players and agents throughout scouting, signing and prepping for the 2015 NFL draft. Their clients make the plays on the field, but they run the game off the field. With exclusive access, the relentless ambition, ruthless pressure and high-stakes of the pursuit to securing that top pick are revealed.

This show is actually a true to life look at how things really work and is quite interesting from the little that I've seen so far. A 10-part docuseries should be worth a little of your time to really gain an inside working of how the world of NFL agents actually works.