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Who Will the Ravens' Foes Be in 2016?

The league wasn't exactly easy on the Ravens.

Shawn Hubbard

While the Ravens get a nice tour of the West Coast this season, there will be no such trips next year.

Per the recently released NFL Record & Fact Book, the Ravens will only venture outside of their time zone once next year. They have been matched up against the AFC & NFC East for the '16-17 season. This will surely prove for some interesting matchups.

Matchups to circle on the calender include a road game at Gillette in Foxborough, MA, where the Ravens will face the Patriots in a matchup that always delivers in entertainment value. Other featured trips include two games at the Meadowlands, to face the Giants and Jets, and a trip to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, to face the Cowboys.

An interesting slate of matchups indeed.

Here are the Ravens' home and away opponents for the 2016 season:

HOME: Buffalo, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington, AFC West team (same place finisher as Ravens), Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh

ROAD: New England, New York Jets, Dallas, New York Giants, AFC South team (same-place finisher as Ravens), Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh

In case you were wondering, the potential AFC West matchup could be versus the Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers. As for the AFC South, the Texans, Colts, Jaguars, and Titans are all potential matchups for the Baltimore squad.

This schedule is stacked, but if anyone can take a challenge, it's the Ravens.

While we have to wait until April for the dates and times to be announced by the league, which matchups are you already looking forward to?