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Bobby Engram's coaching career off to a great start

The young coach has a bright future.

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At the time of his hiring, Bobby Engram's name was overlooked by fans and the media. When an offense goes through the motions of replacing an entire staff, positional coaches rarely get the same amount of attention as new coordinators. But with the success of the equally overlooked wide receiving corps throughout the 2014 season and in the early part of the 2015 offseason, one must render to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

Kamar Aiken is a journeyman who’d never found a home. Steve Smith was cast out and left for dead. And now newly acquired rookie Breshad Perriman was thought of as a physically gifted but technically underdeveloped wide receiver. Marlon Brown was an undrafted afterthought and though he’s enjoyed success as a rookie, his quickness and route running were improved in his second year.

Engram (along with Kubiak, and now Trestman) has been able to make the best out of otherwise average talent. Aiken represents the best example of this fact. After flashing good hands and a solid all around game and despite his minus athletisicm, has been the stalwart of offseason programs. Wrote Ryan Mink after OTA’s

"Kamar Aiken put on a show for much of practice," Aiken has picked up right where he left off from a breakout season a year ago when he had 24 catches for 267 yards and three touchdowns. Aiken caught everything his way, including a long bomb over the top, a tough tiptoeing sideline catch, a lunging fingertips grab over the middle and a jump ball in the end zone.

Breshad Perriman is already making technical strides, apparently having already significantly improving his release.

With receivers, granted sans Torrey Smith, all making significant improvement, Engram will start getting more attention. If Breshad Perriman goes on to be a pro bowl receiver, thus unlocking his potential, perhaps Engram will start gaining interest, and that as more than a wide receiver coach.