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The Baltimore Beatdown Podcast - Episode 0.1

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The second episode of The Baltimore Beatdown Podcast is upon you. We continue to refine some things and test before we go officially live.

Your hosts Daniel, Kyle and Matthew cover all the Baltimore Ravens news and information during the slow part of the offseason. We talk about our most overrated and underrated players on the roster, the use of marijuana in professional sports, head coach John Harbaugh's position on the great NFL coaches list and the Ravens being the best team at home.

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Also we have opened up a Patreon account. The podcast will continue to be free, but we ask that anyone who likes the podcast to help support The Baltimore Beatdown Podcast. Even $1 a month helps us get better equipment and do cooler things with the podcast, like live shows and call-in numbers so we can talk to you all live and in person.