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Training Camp is finally here.

The Ravens are reporting to training camp and it couldn't have come fast enough

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After what seems like an eternity, the Ravens (and some other teams) are reporting to training camp. I don't know about you, but this couldn't come soon enough for me.

For starters we finally get some news that isn't related to Deflategate and is actually related about football. Deflategate has dominated the headlines for months, and it looks like it'll keep going for a few more, but now we have on the field, actual Ravens material to talk about.

Second, the Ravens had another boring offseason. Like most offseasons under Harbs, the 2015 offseason went by with minimal incident, the only Ravens that got in trouble were Victor Hampton and Bernard Pierce, both of whom were cut soon after. That's much better than the 2014 fiasco. The biggest legal concern we had this offseason was a Joe Flacco look-alike robbing a store.

We also get to see the new Ravens. We get to see Joe Flacco with his new targets in Marc Trestman's offense, we get to see Brent Urban, Kapron Lewis-Moore, and Carl Davis practice with pads on, we get to see Kyle Arrington and Kendrick Lewis in pads, and we get to see the injured Ravens return to camp. This is our first look at the 2015 Ravens in pads.

And finally it means we're that much closer to the 2015 season and football. The Hall of Fame game is August 9th, the Ravens first preseason game is August 13th,t he 2015 NFL kickoff is on September 10th, and the Ravens kickoff the 2015 season on September 13th.

Football is almost back everyone, we only have to wait a little bit longer.