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SWAYVENS: 2015 Ravens minigame series begins on Baltimore Beatdown

It's your time to decide. Play #Swayvens minigames on!

Welcome to SWAYENS. I chose "sway" because the word best fit the game's purpose. According to Webster:

noun \ˈswā\

: a slow movement back and forth
: a controlling force or influence

SWAYVENS is an interactive minigame, where our readers' comments and poll votes may impact how I, or someone else on the staff, shapes the next question and scenario. With that, we ask that you please stay true to the information you've digested over the years from observing football, your keen instincts and of course, as always, follow your heart.

Without further ado.

Which SWAYVENS players has more of an impact on the team's success in 2015?


Team #Unsung Strengths:

  • Combined for 261 tackles in 2014
  • Rookie has a Bright Outlook bright outlook.

... And Weaknesses:

  • The waning importance of the inside linebacker position is arriving to a dead end.
  • Smith is a consistent beast ... some are wary on how well he performs entering his 12th season.

Team #Doom Pros

  • "Doom" himself is coming off a career high-tying 17.0-sack, two-start season.
  • Suggs registered 12 quarterbacks last season.
... And Weaknesses
  • 63: combined age.
  • Did they lose a step? Speed?
So #Ravens fans, again, which SWAYVENS players has more of an impact on the team's success in 2015? Fill in your own strengths and weaknesses in the comments below!