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NFFC to sue NFL

NFFC fights back

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

To those that haven't yet heard this story, I can give a personal summary explaining what's happening as I had planned to attend the convention in  hopes of speaking with players/personnel and bringing back to the website some interviews or quotes.

The NFFC (National Fantasy Football Convention) had planned a convention in Las Vegas. There was expected over 100 players at the event, some of the names being, Antonio Brown, Dez Bryant, Randall Cobb, Rob Gronkowski, Kamar Aiken, Tony Romo, Jason Witten.

Then the NFL put its foot down with the ruling of, "Players and NFL personnel may not participate in promotional activities or other appearances at or in connection with events that are held at or sponsored by casinos". The big problem here is the Convention center didn't have a casino. It was owned by one, but no gambling casino was even on site.

A big 'conspiracy' is the NFL didn't have its own pockets involved with such a high level and important event and threw a fit forcing the NFFC to cancel.

Now the NFFC is fighting back with a lawsuit. The NFFC is claiming the NFL's threats were 'bullying tactics'.

In the lawsuit, allegedly an NFL Executive called the mother of Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. informing her that OBJ would be suspended and/or fined for attending the event. The National Football League also threatened Michael Fabiano of NFL Network to be fired if he decided to show up at the convention.

While the NFL has not yet commented to Rovell of yet, sometime within this lawsuit there will have to be some comment. I completely expect them to attempt dismissing this case or pushing to resolve the issue privately. I personally hope that this gets pushed all the way through and hopefully finding something seriously wrong. If all that is known so far is an NFL Exec calling a players mother with threats of fines and suspensions, there could be something even worse under this iceberg of a trial.