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Madden Ratings: Terrell Suggs in the top 5

Terrell Suggs lands top Madden Honors

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With every new year a new Madden arrives. More 'new features' and more complaints. One of the better parts to Madden though is the ratings for players, and the discussions surrounding video game professionals rating NFL players. It's always fun. Good news, another Baltimore Raven is ranked top 5.

Suggs is heavy for a linebacker, and his 91 Strength is tops for OLBs. He brings a 97 Power Move (one of the best), 92 Tackle, and 95 Pursuit to get into the backfield.

Terrell 'Hacksaw' 'Ball So Hard University' 'T-Sizzle' Suggs is the #3 Outside Linebacker in Madden 16. Boasting a 93 overall Terrell Suggs sits behind only Von Miller and Justin Houston (both respectively rated at 97 overall).

No quarrels for me over here. Sizzle is dominant, but I would not say more-so than either of those players. I'm completely content with the rating above Dont'a Hightower and below Houston.

Terrell does have 97 Power Move which is one of the best in the game. True both on Madden and in the NFL. We've all watched Suggs wreck left tackles in the NFL for years now.

Brings home 92 tackling and 95 pursuit making Suggs a lethal TFL and Sack king. 97 Power move to get around the O-line, 95 Pursuit to get to the play, and 92 tackling to shred the ball-carrier. I just might have to upgrade from Madden 13 after all.