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Multiple Ravens' players make the Madden 2016 cover

Steller Covers

Okay, so maybe not really. But StellerCovers created custom Madden 16 covers for all 32 teams, including six for the Ravens. Not all the covers are current Ravens either, with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed making the cut as well.

This designer has a really good style and I could easily see these being legit covers. The ones of Flacco are spot on images that would work perfectly. The Flacco fist pump and him throwing while on the run are things that Ravens' fans have come to expect. Add in the statuesque image in front of the others of an in-color Flacco holding the ball and the logo and that is a version I would buy all day long!

Total all, the covers feature Joe Flacco, C.J. Mosley, Justin Forsett, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Steve Smith Sr. The most likely out of those would be Mosley as far as I'm concerned. He's proved that he is one of the best linebackers in football all during his rookie year. As he continues to grow into his body, learn the scheme and have the game slow down for him, he should be able to use his body and instinct to perform even better.

Who would you want to see on the cover of Madden? No one because of the "Madden Curse?"