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Injuries shouldn't be an issue for Monroe

Eugene Monroe was injured in 2014, but if his past is any indicator, that shouldn't be an issue this year.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Eugene Monroe missed six games in 2014. He missed Weeks four through seven with a knee injury and then suffered an ankle injury in Week 16 that caused him to miss Week 17 and the Wild Card game in Pittsburgh. Those injuries also caused Monroe's quality of play to drop as he was rated as PFF's 63rd best offensive tackle with three sacks and 14 hurries allowed.

However if we compare 2014 to the other five seasons of Monroe's career, it looks like an anomaly. Between 2009-2013 Monroe was present for 4,638 snaps, eighth best in the NFL over that span. He has also missed only three games during those five seasons.

So the odds are favorable that a guy like Monroe, who makes it a point to keep his body healthy should return in 2015 with less injury problems and perform much better he did last season. And that will be a huge improvement to an offensive line that was one of the NFL's best in 2014 and will return all five of it's starters.