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Breaking: Bisciotti Denies Claims of Pressuring Goodell

The vicious NFL media cycle is wrong once again...

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the top story circulating around the league involved Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti and Colts owner Jim Irsay allegedly pressuring Roger Goodell to 'bring down the hammer' on Tom Brady.

Bisciotti is denying such claims.

"The story circulating that I have put pressure on Roger (Goodell) is 100 percent wrong. The reports are unfair to Robert Kraft, who is an honorable person, and to his franchise.

It looks as if the vicious NFL media cycle is wrong once again. What started out as a comment by ESPN's Sal Paolantonio spread into a league-wide wildfire, when Patriots Insider Tom Curran published this piece that essentially slandered the Ravens and portrayed them as villans who wanted to take down the Patriots. This of course, is fiction.

In the wake of yesterday's claims, Bisciotti released a statement this morning, effectively shutting down these slanderous rumors.

"I have not and will not put any pressure on the Commissioner or anyone representing the NFL office to take action in what everyone is calling ‘Deflategate.’

"Let's talk about football and the start of training camps. Fans and people like me want the issue resolved now."

It's sad but true that we must take all news now with a grain of salt. In the world of 'clickbait' we live in, views pervail, while the unglamorous truth rides the bench.

'Deflategate' has been an atrocity since the beginning. What started with finger-pointing over slightly underinflated footballs has climaxed into even more finger-pointing. The evidence is slim, the competitive benefit of said underinflated footballs is small, yet the consequences were large.

It's time to stop the pettiness, and end this chapter in NFL history. Moving on from it and repealing the suspension is the only right move.