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Steelers Player Receives Custom Phantom

Antonio Brown scores literal signature Rolls Royce...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When players start arriving at Steelers training camp heads will be turning as Antonio Brown's new flawless looking Rolls Royce Phantom glides to his parking space.

Yes, what you're witnessing is his actual signature on the side of his ride, with a smooth yellow paint over the black Phantom. When Wiz Khalifa sung about 'Black & Yellow' for the Pittsburgh Steelers this is the car he actually meant.

I just wish someday my talents translate to the gawdiness of my own signature strapped across my 97 Lincoln Town car. After all, it is the "Signature Series".

Truthfully, the NFL star whom I personally put as the #1 receiver in the game currently should more than likely be driving something that is much more expensive than this. From my fair share of watching the HBO Series 'Ballers' I often see more Ferrari's and McLaren's. No matter what though, the superstar talent with last years career years will be playing just as well if not better than the lavish looks of his whip.