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Yanda ranked #1 OL by Grantland

Marshal is the #1 offensive lineman for Grantland

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Something every Baltimore Ravens fan knows, our offensive line is something we can't stop talking about. Good news other people are finally catching on.

With big name tackles all surrounding the top ten (5 of the possible 10) right guard was only on the list twice. Zack Martin being the other right guard. But back to Marshal Yanda instead!

I cannot continue to praise this man any more than I have already. He blocks better than any other player in the league. He can swap positions to right tackle and can be one of the better tackles in the league still. He doesn't just complete assignments, but he completes secondary objectives as well. He will block three people in a single play. It feels like the playbook under running situations has two plays.

  1. Run behind 73 stretch
  2. Fake run left side counter to 73 stretch

Yanda dominates every play, every time. I cannot wait to watch Ravens games for many reasons, but Yanda is one of my favorites. His skill and finesse are beautiful, while the chaos he surrounds himself becomes poetry in motion. Yanda is a franchise player, and I hope "The Compass" will stick around and retire in the purple & black down the road.