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Projecting Ravens Sack Leaders In 2015

My personal projections of the Ravens sack numbers in 2015

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Elvis Dumervil: 14 sacks

Elvis Dumervil says that if he has 23 sacks in 2015, the Ravens will make it to the Super Bowl. While I don't see that happening and while I don't see him getting 17.5 sacks again in 2015, I think that Dumervil will get 14 sacks, good enough to lead the team in sacks while getting Dumervil past the 100 sack mark and 10 sacks in back-to-back seasons for the first time in his career.

Terrell Suggs: 11 sacks

Terrell Suggs has averaged 10-12 sacks throughout his career. While Suggs has acknowledged that he is on the back nine of his career, he should still have a few 10+ sack seasons left in him.

Timmy Jernigan: 8 sacks

Timmy Jernigan had four sacks when he was filling in for Haloti Ngata in 2014. He should have no issue doubling those numbers now that he is a full-time starter.

Brent Urban: 4.5 sacks

Brent Urban has been impressive in camp and he has been praised for his pass rush abilities. He should be able to make a couple of plays as a rotational rusher.

Za'Darius Smith: 3 sacks

Smith was brought to replace Pernell McPhee. I expect him to get some limited action in passing situations and he should be able to make the most of them and make it on the stat sheet.

C.J. Mosley: 2.5 sacks

Mosley was effective as a blitzer in 2014, as he took the quarterback to the ground twice. I expect him to keep that up in 2015.

Chris Canty: 2 sacks

Canty should still make some impact as a rotational rusher.

Brandon Williams: 1.5 sacks

Brandon Williams will mainly be taking on double teams so that other defenders can get sacks, but a guy with his strength will get to the quarterback and he will put him on the ground.

Courtney Upshaw: .5 sacks

Some people think that Upshaw will explode onto the scene as a pass rusher and make a big appearance on the stat sheet. I do not.

Total: 47 sacks