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Darren Waller... By Any Means Necessary

Waller ready to hit the field, doing whatever he can

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Have you heard of the man they call Darren Waller? Hopefully come camp (which started yesterday) we will hear of nothing but excitement as the 6-5, 220 pound receiver is looking to get on the field. Whether it be catching passes for Flacco, fixing his run-blocking mistakes for extra field time, or special teams. Waller is ready to prove his talent is translated into skill and productivity for the Baltimore Ravens.

"I'm putting in a whole lot of work where people aren't really expecting anything out of me,"

"I actually like special teams because the hungriest players are on special teams. People that may not get as many reps on offense or defense, it's their time on kickoffs and they're going to knock somebody's helmet off. So you can really find the passion for the game on special teams."

While both quotes are from 2012 when playing for Georgia Tech, the answers still hold the same value today. Waller has watched film of former Georgia Tech stand out wide receivers Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas. Both big receivers with great abilities. Not to mention mega-millions contracts which Darren I presume would love nothing more than to score. Waller had this to say , "I've watched film on those guys just to see how they play and how they come off the ball and how they react to different things. They already have an advantage physically and they're gifted. Just knowing that I have some of the similar gifts, I feel like I can have a similar impact on defenses that they had."

We all hope for the same. Watching Calvin scoop up a bomb from Stafford over three defenders is always fun. Now imagining Darren reaching for the skies and snagging a Flacco-pass over Haden would be something I would never get tired of. Hopefully we see this mans talents translate to the field soon.