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Ravens get tons of bang for the buck

Despite the naysayers, the Ravens have no issues with what they've paid quarterback Joe Flacco or any other player on the roster. The metrics show it as well.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Ravens still get flack for having Joe Flacco signed to a large contract, despite it not being as much guaranteed money as most of the other quarterbacks that don't have a ring.

Flacco ranks at the 32nd spot on all NFL players for the amount of guaranteed money with $29 million, and 14th for all quarterbacks. Guys like Ryan Tannehill, Alex Smith, Jay Cutler, Colin Kaepernick, and Matt Ryan all have more guaranteed money than Flacco over the life of their contracts. Even better is that Flacco ranks so low that I won't even count that far on his guaranteed percentage against his total contract deal. He is below guys like Chase Daniel, Matt Hasselbeck, Tyrod Taylor, T.J. Yates, Ryan Mallett, Brian Hoyer, Shaun Hill and many many many others with 24.05% of his contract being guaranteed.

Yet, Business Insider took a look at the contract value for all players for all teams and the Ravens find themselves right in the middle of the pack at 18th overall in total contracts value.

Most contracts aren't about the totals as we discussed with Flacco. It's all about the guarantees because the rest tends to be fluff and incentives that the players will never see or they'll be cut or extended before the big cap hits happen. This is where the Ravens show their championship pedigree, finding themselves 24th in guaranteed money spent.

That means that the Ravens might have bigger contracts, but they have less money guaranteed overall than most of the other teams in the NFL. While teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins all spend a lot of money, they also have a lot more guaranteed cash out there as well.

So no, Flacco's contract is not hurting the Ravens, and neither are any of the other contracts they have signed. The Ravens continue to get the best bang for the buck.