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Ravens Top 20 #8: The Comeback

Continuing our look at the Ravens best moments.

One of the most defining characteristics of the Ravens franchise is their never say die spirit. One of the best stories is how they staged a comeback in Week 12 of the 2003 season against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Ravens were down 41-24 against the Seattle Seahawks with less than seven minutes in the fourth quarter. The Seahawks were going to punt the ball from their own 34, when Ed Reed kicked off the comeback by blocking the punt and then taking it back for a touchdown. Ray Lewis would force and recover a fumble on the next Seahawks possession, which would turn into an Anthony Wright to Marcus Robinson touchdown.

The Seahawks would recover Wade Richey's onside kick, but the defense stopped the Seahawks on the Ravens 33 with 44 seconds left to play. Anthony Wright  would lead the Ravens to the Seahawks 21 and Matt Stover kicked a field goal to make the game 41-41 for both sides, which sent the game into overtime.

The Ravens would force the Seahawks to punt on their opening possession of overtime and Anthony Wright would lead the Ravens down the field and Matt Stover would kick another field goal to win the game for the Ravens.