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Some Owners Applying Pressure for Goodell to Uphold Brady's Suspension

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With no resolution yet following the arbitration hearing for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady over the Deflategate scandal, the narrative emerging from the media is that the 2 sides have been attempting to negotiate a settlement. This was further confirmed by ESPN today, in an article discussing the case an Brady's appeal.

Buried in the story I found a very intriguing yet unsurprising tidbit:

A source told ProFootballTalk that Goodell has encountered pressures from a loud minority of team owners who want Goodell to maintain Brady's original punishment. There is a real fear in that event, though, that the four-game length of Brady's ban would be nullified if ruled on by a federal court.

While I woul prefer the suspension is upheld, the best outcome for all parties (including the fans, the NFL and the Patriots organization) is a quick resolution, even if it means reducing the suspension to 2 games. This saga needs to end, and the league's dragging out of every step of the process was really unnecessary and honestly plain dumb. The league has dominated the headlines since February for all the wrong reasons, and everyone wants this to just be over so we can move on and concentrate on football. Honestly, if I have to live with Brady only getting a 2 game suspension, I am fine as long as this drawn out saga can finally conclude!