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Ravens Tickets Fly Off the Shelves!

What's a fan gotta do to get some tickets?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We all knew the Ravens are beloved in the confines of the state of Maryland, but this is just crazy. Both Aaron Wilson and Jamison Hensley reported that Ravens single game tickets were sold out for most of the home games within TEN MINUTES of hitting the market:

We all knew that Ravens fans are dedicated and love their team. Despite the 8th highest average ticket price in the NFL in 2014 ($100.19), and the highest in the AFC North, the price is still affordable for most fans. The Ravens also are not raising their prices for 2015, which gives other teams a chance to catch up. This is a very exciting time for Ravens fans, with a loaded roster, franchise QB in his prime, and a great Front Office and Head Coach in place. So while it is not surprising the tickets sell fast, the speed at which they sell is crazy. Now stop reading and go buy your tickets before there are none left!