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OLB Elvis Dumervil Approaching 100 Sacks!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There is much talk about stud linebacker Terrell Suggs race up the career sacks list, and where it places him in regards to his Hall of Fame candidacy. Suggs is currently at 106.5 career sacks, 7th among active players and 27.5 sacks behind active leader Jared Allen. The common consensus is that he will have to at least break 120 sack combined with his all around stellar game, to make the Hall.

But partner Elvis Dumervil's journey has been less discussed. Part of that may be due to the fact that Dumervil has only been a Raven for a short time, only 2 years removed from chasing Joe Flacco around in the AFC Championship game during the Ravens last Lombardi winning run. Most of Dumervil's damage came while playing for the rival Broncos, so naturally he feels less like part of the family.

This season, however, Doom is approaching a number which validates the career of a linebacker, 100 sacks. Currently sitting at 90 sacks after 8 seasons, Dumervil ranks 9th among active players, only 2 spots behind Suggs. Despite averaging more sacks per season, with 4 years less experience, being 1.5 years younger, and coming in as a lower round draft pick and needing to earn his playing time, it is not surprising that he trails Suggs. Dumervil has averaged almost 13 sacks per season over the past 5 years, so barring injury the expectation is that he will pass 100 sacks during the 2015 season.

Currently sitting 42nd on the all time sacks list, breaking 100 sacks would put Dumervil in the top 30 sack artists of all time. I think he breaks that number this year, and maybe Suggs can hit his number (120) this year too. If that were to happen, my expectation is that the team would be having a great season!