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NFL made a LOT of money in 2014

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

With the Green Bay Packers being a public company and partially owned by the fans themselves, they have to release their financial statements to shareholders. Because of that, we get a good look at what the NFL was able to take home in 2014 and it is a sickening amount.

For their part, the Packers brought in $42.7 million in revenue and $29.2 million in income in 2014. Not too shabby for the team once you consider that they recently renovated Lambeau Field and took a decent hit on the depreciation of it. However, Packers' CEO Mark Murphy said that the team was 18th in average ticket prices, meaning that the Ravens likely had more income from tickets than the Packers. Sadly, we don't know the Ravens' revenue from things like shop sales, development deals and land acquisitions that all add up to the final numbers, so we can only speculate that the Ravens were one of the higher grossing teams in 2014.

The big meat and potatoes is how much the NFL made. While we don't entirely know exactly how much the NFL makes from all it's deals, we do know a good deal of what it makes from it's television deals by doing a little math. All teams are part of a national-revenue-sharing pot, that is split evenly among the 32 NFL teams. With each team bringing in $226.4 million, that means that the NFL split a little more than $7.2 billion, a reported increase of about 120%. Most of that revenue comes from the NFL's new television deals with ABC/ESPN, CBS, FOX and NBC.

Keep in mind that the NFL split a little more than $3 billion among the 32 teams in 2010. Clearly we can see why the owners are in love with Roger Goodell.