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Will Crocket Gillmore, the Sleeping Giant Awaken?

The Ravens second year tight end is a great choice to break out in 2015...

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Many Ravens fans have high expectations for this years team, The season will hinge more on the offenses performance, since the defense is still pretty loaded. The Ravens offense finished top 10 last season, but they have since lost 2 of their 3 top receiving options.

There is an abundance of choices for who will fill the void, ranging from veterans like Kamar Aiken and Marlon Brown, to rookies Maxx Williams, Nick Boyle, Darren Waller, and Breshad Perriman, and in-between with 2nd year tight end Crockett Gillmore.

Fox Sports writer Jason Garcia put out an article a few days ago about Gillmore, and how we all should not overlook him. There are several reasons why I am very optimistic about Gillmore.

#1 He will be on the field for a ton of snaps.

The Ravens are not expected to return any tight ends from last years roster. Gillmore is an above average run blocker, and he will be out there for alot of snaps. Which means he will have more opportunities to make plays than the other tight ends on the roster, who are not as good in this area.

#2 New OC Marc Trestman coached Martellus Bennett to his two best years.

Bennett was in the league for a while before he broke out under Trestman, also known more for his blocking abilities. But he had 90 receptions last year under Trestman.

#3 He has looked good in limited opportunities so far.

He had his moments last season, albeit limited. He also was a solid receiver in college and high school. With great size, and his increased bulk, Gillmore has looked great in camps. He also looks to be building great chemistry with Flacco, which is important since Steve Smith is the only returning pass catcher who had more than 35 targets last season.

Those are just a few of the reasons to be optimistic about Crockett this coming season. I know I am excited to see him emerge!