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Reggie Wayne Won't Be a Raven

The tenured receiver won't be ending his career in the 'Charm City'.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

That was rather anticlimatic.

A couple of days ago, we found out the long-time Colts receiver Reggie Wayne wasn't done with football. Wayne said he would like to play one more season before hanging it up. The six-time Pro Bowler had been working the phone lines of late, as multiple teams were interested in his services. The Ravens were surprisingly reported to be in the mix to snag Wayne.

I for one was suprised. It just didn't make sense. The team is already going to be cutting some promising guys at receiver, Wayne was just going to take a slot that belonged to a candidate with more potential. After all, we can't sit on our young guns, like Aiken/Brown/Butler/Campanaro forever. They need to produce, or get cut. Smith may be gone next year, so we need to see them show their true colors, and see what we're working with.

However, there were also some good reasons to bring Wayne in as well.

He'd be yet another great veteran presence to complement Steve Smith, and also take the pressure off Breshad Perriman to go in right away as the #2 WR. If our 'young guns' didn't produce, we'd have another solid veteran to rely on.

But we have Steve Smith, Sr. for that. If 'Smitty' isn't here, than I could see the feasibility of signing Reggie. There's no denying Wayne's talent, but it doesn't make sense for the team, and it appears that GM Ozzie Newsome agrees.

There you have it, it appears that Ozzie is confident in his current corps of receivers. I'm very excited to see them grow.

As for Wayne, I foresee him landing in either Houston or New England. Both could use his presence, and would offer him a starting role. I would love to see him play for the Patriots personally.

Best of luck to Reggie in his final year, I've been really lucky to watch one the best while in his prime. While it would've been nice to see Reggie in the Purple and Black, it just wasn't meant to be.