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Special Teams Ace Jeromy Miles Flies the Coop

With the Ravens seeming to not really pursue him, it was just a matter of time...

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

It was a forgone conclusion for the past few months, as the Ravens seemingly made no effort to retain him. After coming over from the rival Cincinatti Bengals 2 seasons ago, Jeromy Miles served as a top special teamer, as well as playing well in limited snaps at safety last year.

However with other special teamers like Zach Orr and Albert McClellan coming on strong this past season, the Ravens seem ready to move on from him. Aaron Wilson reported that there were contract talks, but they didn't agree on terms:

Miles had talks with the Ravens this offseason about returning and could have been re-signed, but didn't agree to terms and is now joining the Giants.

They chose to resign Anthony Levine, possibly because of Levine's defensive versatility. Since the team brought in Kendrick Lewis on a 3 year deal, and should have Will Hill for the full 16 game slate, Miles would be the 6th safety after those 3, Matt Elam, and 2014 3rd rounder Terrence Brooks, who is working back from an injury but might be ready for the beginning of the season. Brynden Trawick, another 2014 special teamer and depth safety, is under contract, although it remains to be seen if he actually makes the roster with all the depth the Ravens have on defense.

Miles heads to the Giants, who seem to have caught on to the fact that the Ravens are the farm system for the rest of the league, (although the Ravens they seem to choose aren't exactly pro-bowlers). Former Ravens Jameel McClain and Chykie Brown both will suit up for the Giants in 2015. However, the real reason the Giants likely were interested in Miles is that new (and old) defensive coordinator Steve Spagnoulo had a front row seat at Ravens practices and games last year, and probably saw what Miles brings to the table. Although the Giants are expected to start rookie 2nd rounder Landon Collins alongside Cooper Taylor, both are first time starters.There is definitely a need and opportunity for Miles to get on the field for the Giants on defense, as well as special teams.

Miles will likely be a smart signing for the Giants, and I wish him well in New York. Just one more reason to root for the Blue against their division rival Cowboys, Eagles, and Deadskins.