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Under Pressure: How Do the Ravens Respond to Blown 4th Quarter Leads?

How good is Baltimore after blowing a 4th quarter lead?

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The importance of the fourth quarter lead. Since 2011 there is a record of every team losing a 4th quarter lead, and whether they regain and win, or lose the game. And Baltimore has done very well so far.

Unfortunately we don't have a positive ranking, and I sure do remember a game or two in which we had victory in our hands and then gift wrapped a W for the other team. Most notably the Chargers game last season.

As you can see, the three way tie for first being Arizona, Indianapolis, and the NY Jets is quite surprising. Truthfully stunned to see the Jets blow nine leads and salvage five of them. Denver is very surprising to see with so few amount of leads lost (6) being up so high in the charts. Another 11 teams pass before there is another single digit team.

This is definitely good news for Baltimore. People see only negativity in this chart with it being a bad look, but I see something important. Baltimore in the AFC North stands above the rest of the division, as Pittsburgh is one rank down, Cincinnati three below Baltimore, and the ever-loving Cleveland Browns battling for the bottom spot with Detroit and Tampa Bay. Cleveland has blown 16 games in the fourth quarter, meaning a full football season of choking, and only mustering two wins. This alone makes me feel confident when next season we can more be confident in one of our fourth quarter games against these squads.

Not to mention that the Ravens also rank above top 'contenders' like the Seahawks, Patriots, and Packers, as well as other teams with supposed top quarterbacks like Dallas, San Diego, New Orleans.