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Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley one of the best MLBs in football

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Scout.compublished an article looking at the top 5 ILB/MLBs in football for the 2015 season. The Ravens and fans should be proud to see Baltimore Raven C.J. Mosley not only included on the list but situated at number 3 overall. Mosley finds himself behind Luke Kuechly from the Carolina Panthers and Clay Matthews from the Green Bay Packers, but ahead of Bobby Wagner and Lawrence Timmons.


Mosley played more snaps than any other middle/inside linebacker last year and garnered 133 tackles. His strength is stopping the run, but he still had eight passes defensed, two interceptions, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. He was also effective in blitzing, garnering three sacks and 13 quarterback hurries. He was just a rookie last year so big things are expected ahead.

Mosley definitely deserves the praise. One of the best inside linebackers last season, he was number 2 in Defensive Rookie of the Year voting. Mosley finished 7th for linebackers in tackles for the 2014 season and was tied for 3rd in interceptions too. Mosley was a first round pick last season for the Ravens and looked every bit the part of the eventual replacement for HOF Ray Lewis.

However, there could be a case for another Raven to be on this list. While Mosley did exceptionally well in 2014, most fans outside of Baltimore will forget about Daryl Smith. Right behind Mosley in total tackles in 2014, Smith was effective as an every down type of linebacker for Baltimore and continued on from a solid 2013 campaign that few figured he would have.

To add to that, Smith has been around during OTAs and putting in the necessary work to be even better in 2015. While Lawrence Timmons and Bobby Wagner have their case made for them by Scout, Daryl Smith seems to be forgotten despite putting up equally impressive numbers.